Venture2Fund Scheme

Ventures in India generally fail to raise funds even in the presence of a good business plan. Major identified reasons being exaggerated projections beyond reality, non-compliance in various areas such as ROC, GST, Income Tax, Poor documentation, Absence of SOP etc.

Under Venture2Fund Scheme we help existing business ventures to raise desired funds for growth and expansion via bank finance or seed funding. We help out a business house to find out loopholes and operate with professionals and elevated corporate culture.

Venture2Fund Scheme has 7 level implementation mentioned below:

  • Prepare Strong Business Plan, SOP and Set up Targets.
  • Optimise sales and expenses using our connects.
  • Keep all compliance up to date and maintain a distinct work culture.
  • Prepare projection reports and other presentations.
  • Take corrective actions for all areas which may impact fundraising procedure.
  • Conduct Due Diligence Audit.
  • Apply for Venture Capital Fund / Bank Finance.

Venture2Fund Scheme has high penetration opportunity in various sectors as below:

  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Tech-Based Business
  • Other Service Industry

Who can join for seed funding?

  • PAN India Projects
  • Business to Consumer Projects (B2C)